FigureĀ  15. Traumatic labral tear

Hip pain after hip trauma in a 31-year-old man. T1-weighted) coronal MR image obtained with intraarticular contrast material depicts a complex tear (arrowheads) within the superior labrum.


The significance of morphologic changes in the labrum is uncertain. Typically triangular in cross section, rounded and flattened labra have been identified in 11% and 9% of nonarthrographic MR images, respectively .The frequency of nontriangular cross section increased with age. At MR arthrography, blunting of the normally sharp inner margin would suggest abnormality of this region. Deformation and distortion of the labrum indicate abnormality. Any loss of the perilabral recess also indicates an abnormal labrum. In a patient with symptoms suggesting a pathologic labral condition, the presence of an absent labral segment at MR arthrography should be considered abnormal.


Figure 16. Absent labrum


Hip pain for 19 months after a motor vehicle accident in a 29-year-old woman. T1-weighted sagittal MR image obtained with intraarticular contrast material reveals an absent anterior labrum (arrow).

Perilabral cysts may accompany a pathologic labral condition, especially detachment. The cysts seem to have a predilection for hips with developmental dysplasia. These cysts are typically extraarticular in location and may erode into the adjacent bone. They may or may not fill with contrast material at the time of MR arthrography. Identification of a cyst around the hip joint should raise the possibility of an underlying acetabular-labral


Hip arthrography accompanied by MRI has now become gold standard to delineate pathological labral conditions.Interpretation of contrast material interposing at acetabular labral junction is important. The clinical implications of an absent labrum and of a sulcus between the labrum and acetabulum anterosuperiorly are not known.

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