Where is Hand to knee gait commonly seen?

In cases of Quadriceps weakness. In order to shift the axis of weight bearing on line of body weight bearing.


What is an Antalgic gait?

Whenever patient has pain during the gait and winces on weight bearing with a reduced stance phase.


What is Waddling gait?

When the patient has bilateral Trendelenberg Lurch, he moves on both sides. This type of gait seen in Bilateral CDH ,Rocker bottom foot etc.


What is work load on full weight bearing through the hip joint

350 lbs/sq inch.


When are you on a single limb in your daily activity?

Mid stance phase of same side. -Swing phase of opposite side.


What are major movements during gait?

 Propulsion from the limb on the ground with plantar with flexion of foot and toes. -Extension of hip joint followed by abduction and external rotation for next phase. -Extension of knee joint.


What do you think are prerequisites of doing a Trendlenberg’s Test?

Patient could stand and bear weight. -He could lift the Limb up for at least 30 secs. -He should not have any Ankylosis. -He should not have any abduction or Adduction deformity.


How do you Grade Trendlenberg’s Test? 

Grade I-30 secs. Grade II-45 secs. Grade III-60 secs.


Name some condition of upwards displacement of Greater Trochanter. 

-Posterior dislocation of Hip

-Fracture Neck Femur

-SCFE (Slipped Capital Femoral Epiphysis)

-Coxa Vara

-Excisional Arthroplasty

-Perthes disease


Name some condition of Broadening of greater Trochanter. 

-Healing Inter trochanteric Fracture

-Perthes disease


-Osteomyelitis of Trochanter

-AVN Hip

-Congenital coxa vara


Why is Medial Malleolus considered for Measurements? 

-It is near the midline

-Easily assessable.


If one has adduction and other has abduction deformity, how will you examine? 

The Routine methods cannot be used, hence radiological method used for measuring individual deformity.


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